The origin of Johnny Grav!


Mike Nappa

Dennis Jensen, illustrator

Dennis Edwards, illustrator

About the Book


(from VeggieTales SuperComics and Bibleman author, Mike Nappa!)


“Funny the way life is. One minute you’re at the top of the world—Or at least high up in the mountains, which is close enough.

“And you feel like you’re flying—like nothing And No one can ever beat you. Not today.

“You never dream anything could go wrong. That there might be a crack in the railcar line.That it might be YOUR car that gets thrown off…

“That 24 hours after becoming a champion, you’ll wake up to find you’ve lost your parents. Your legs.



Johnny Grav & The Visioneer is one of the most creative and fun children’s comics around. Definitely my favorite!”

popular children’s author and podcast host

About the Authors

Mike Nappa (M.A.B.T, M.A.E., B.A.C.E.) is an award-winning children’s author and a bestselling creator of many books for children and families. His highlight reel includes several VeggieTales comics, the Bibleman Bible Storybook, and the Gold Medallion-nominated Family Nights Toolchest series.

Dennis Jensen is an award-winning comic book artist known for his work with DC Comics (The Flash; Action Comics; Superboy) and Marvel Comics (Sensational She-Hulk; Marvel Comics Presents: X-Men; Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine).

Dennis Edwards is an award-winning comic book and commercial artist, and co-creator of Captain Absolutely for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine. He’s also known for illustrating the bestselling Bibleman Bible Storybook (B&H Kids) and the graphic novel Six Degrees of Kelvin (Focus on the Family/Tyndale Kids).


  • ISBN: 978-1939953292
  • Price: $15.99
  • Release Date: October 5, 2023
  • Trim Size: 6” x 9”
  • Length: 112 pages

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Trade Paperback

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