Focus: Remembering needs of family members

Before You Begin:

No prep required!

The Prayer Time!

The next time your family is gathered for a creative prayer time, ask each person to think of an item that could regularly be used to represent him or her. This should be an item that can be used again and again, and that other family members would associate with its owner.

For example, a younger family member might have a special teddy bear or other stuffed animal that could be used to represent that child. A sports fan might use a team hat or pennant. A book lover might use a library card. A chocoholic might use an empty candy wrapper. Or the family musician might choose a favorite CD or musical instrument.

When each person has chosen an item, have everyone show their items and explain why each item was chosen to represent him or her. Then determine together a spot that everyone sees daily. This could be a coffee or end table, fireplace mantle, kitchen counter, or other similar spot. Name this space the “Prayer Spot.”

Then tell your family, “For the next month, whenever you feel like you need us to pray for you, put your representative item in the Prayer Spot to remind the rest of us that you need prayer.” Thus, if Anthony is headed to the doctor for an annual shot, he might put his stuffed camel in the Prayer Spot. Or if Mom is making a special presentation at work, she might put her coffee mug in the Prayer Spot.

As the days of the month progress, be sure to pray for those who put their representative items in the Prayer Spot. If you like, leave a small note pad at the Prayer Spot so people can specify why they need prayer. Or ask family members to explain their need for prayer during a meal or other time you regularly gather. This will help others to pray more specifically.

On your own, or during times when the family is together, encourage family members to share how God has used the prayers of your family.

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