Focus: Praying for family members

Before You Begin:

Save this adventure for a hot summer day!

Prepare by filling several small balloons with water. Place your supply of water-balloons in a bucket or other container.

The Prayer Time!

Have your family meet outside in your yard or in a local park.

Ask your family to stand in a circle. (If only two people are participating, they should face each other.) Give each person a water balloon. Explain that on the count of three, everyone should

  1. throw his or her balloon into the air, and
  2. try to catch a different balloon.

Then count to three and let the balloon soar and the water splash! Continue tossing the balloons into the air until a balloon is broken.

As soon as a balloon breaks, stop the tossing and together determine who got the wettest; that person is the “Wet-Head” for the moment. The Wet-Head is special, because he or she gets to be the focus of prayer for 15 seconds or more! Have another family member pray for the Wet-Head (for at least 15 seconds). The prayer can be short, but it should focus on thanking God for this person and naming qualities others find special, or on specific requests this family member has shared.

Then “arm” everyone again with balloons and repeat the process. Each time one or more balloons break, see who is the newest Wet-Head, and joyfully pray for this person. It’s okay to pray for the same person more than once! Also, encourage different family members to pray each time.

You may find it “necessary” to splash a family member who continues to remain dry. Remember, everyone needs prayer!!

When your family is thoroughly soaked, pass out the towels and head inside. Then next time it’s sunny, see if anyone wants to be refreshed again with a another round of Wet-Head prayer!

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