A place for fans and friends of author, Mike Nappa

Hello! Thanks for taking time to stop by. This fansite is where we peek behind the scenes at bestselling and award-winning author, Mike Nappa. (We call him Mikey here.) If you’re looking for Mike’s “professional” website, you’ll want to check out NappalandLiterary.com. You can also look him up on Google or Wikipedia.

[Pause … Pause … are they gone?]

OK, now that we’ve gotten rid of the suits … Hey! Great to see you! Mike Nappa is a fan of fans, so here’s where we get to hang out a little bit, informally, and catch up on things. You’re looking good, as usual. You been working out? Lost some weight too, I see.

(I know, it’s pandering, but we haven’t talked in a while, so I wanted to make sure you knew that someone noticed your hard work.)

ANYWAY, here’s what you’ll find on MikeNappa.com:

Timeline. This’ll give you an overview of the highlights (and a few lowlights) in Mike’s life and career. (Hint: It starts at the beginning.)

Fan Favorites. Here’s where you can find out about some of Mike’s books–the ones where he got fan mail instead of hate mail.

77 Reasons. Looking for writing advice? You’ll find it here, courtesy of Mikey’s now out-of-print resource, 77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected (and how to be sure it won’t happen again).

Mikey Can’t Sleep. So, this isn’t really a blog-—we just pretend it is. These are rambling essays and occasional satire from when Mikey has insomnia. He publishes articles in this “blog” on an inscrutable schedule (meaning, whenever he feels like it), and this is the stuff he never shows to the suits, so read at your own risk. (Be warned, you might enjoy it.)

Autographs. This page will give you instructions for how to obtain an authentic Mike Nappa autograph for your book, or for a book you want to give as a gift. (Please don’t buy Mike’s autograph on eBay–he’ll give you one for free.)

More. If you still haven’t gotten your fill of Mikey, this is where you’ll find links to a bunch of his articles and books and stuff like that.

Feel free to jump around MikeNappa.com and see what’s here. And THANK YOU for supporting Mikey and his career. Remind us someday that we owe you a favor.


The Staff at MikeNappa.com