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Want to reprint an article from NerdFans or Bible-Smart™ or one of the other Nappaland websites? Here’s everything you need to know.

First, please be aware that all websites in the Nappaland Website Portal are owned and operated by Nappaland Communications Inc. (dba Nappaland Inc.). As such:

Unless otherwise indicated, all content on all Nappaland Website Portal websites is © 1999 to present by Nappaland Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this website portal, including all content on all websites within this portal, may be copied, reprinted, or otherwise published or distributed without first obtaining the express written consent of Nappaland Inc.

HOWEVER, we want to support what you do in the same ways that our readers and publishing partners support what we do. So what follows are our guidelines for non-commercial and for-profit reprint permissions.

1. Reprinting Website Portal content in non-commercial publications (internet or print)

This type of reprinting includes publications such as non-fee websites, company newsletters, online blogs, fan websites, author websites, celebrity and/or personality websites, church newsletters, free municipal publications, free flyers, school newspapers and yearbooks, Facebook or social networking pages, press releases, international publications, and so on.

For these kinds of non-commercial publications, we are happy to grant you permission to reprint up to three articles (or reviews, or interviews, etc.) per month in your non-commercial publication.

This web page serves as your legal permission to reprint Nappaland-owned content (articles, interviews, reviews, and so on) on a non-commercial basis, limited to no more than three reprints per month, and provided you strictly adhere to the following rules:

1) Each reprint must include the appropriate title and author byline as indicated on the website in which it appears.

2) Each reprint must contain absolutely no changes in the text of the article without prior written permission from Nappaland Inc. Use the Contact+ page if you need to request changes to an article.

3) Each reprint must include this exact copyright line “This article is © Nappaland Inc. and was first published on All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. Visit us on the web at:”

4) Each internet reprint must include an active link back to the home page, such as this:

Please note: These reprint guidelines apply ONLY to Nappaland-owned content on one of the Nappaland websites. Any other content (text or graphic) that is not owned by Nappaland Inc. cannot be reprinted without permission of that original copyright owner.

We hope this is helpful for you and your readers.

2. Reprinting Website Portal content in commercial Internet, broadcast, or print publications

This type of reprinting includes publications and media such as TV & radio adaptations, essay or story collections sold in book form, print magazines sold for retail or wholesale, downloads sold for a fee, etc., and so on.

For these kinds of commercial publications, there are different rules, so please Contact us if that’s your intent. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request within reasonable means.

Thank you,

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