A place for fans and friends of the late author and noted editor, Amy Nappa

Welcome, friends, to AmyNappa.com. This is where we remember the wonderful, talented, and beautiful Amy Nappa.

Amy! (yes, she often spelled her name with an exclamation point) was a bestselling and award-winning author of many books, as well as a noted executive editor at Group Publishing in Colorado. Her work in Christian publishing reached the world–literally. Despite her lifelong success as a publishing professional, this was how she wanted to be remembered, in her own words:

Amy Nappa was a sister, a wife, a mother, grandmother, and friend. She loved her family and her friends dearly. Her greatest joys were to spend time with family, to hang out with her friends, to laugh, and to mentor those a little behind her in the journey of life. Amy loved Jesus with all her heart, and her greatest desire was to be remembered as a woman who shined the love of Jesus.

Amy Nappa passed away from cancer in 2016, but her memory (and influence in the lives of many!) continues to live on. This website exists just to share a few of the wonderful memories we have of Amy.

Here’s what you’ll find on AmyNappa.com

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Amy’s Scrapbook

A brief timeline of highlights in Amy’s life.


Here’s where you can find out about some of our favorite books by Amy!

Five Books by Amy Nappa, bestselling author
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Our girl was never shy in front of a camera. Here’s are some of our favorite moments of Amy! on film.

Hard Way Home

Here’s info about the touching memoir of Amy’s last days, written by Amy with her husband of 30 years, Mike Nappa.

Book: Hard Way Home by Amy and Mike Nappa (356x474px)
Creative Family Prayer Times by Amy Nappa

Creative Family Prayer Times

In this blog-style section, you’ll find excerpts from Amy’s popular book (now out of print), Creative Family Prayer Times. Try these fun ideas with your kids today!

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Amy Nappa, bestselling author