Focus: Prayer for our home

Before You Begin:

This creative prayer will take your family on a walking tour of the place you live.

The Prayer Time!

This creative prayer will take your family on a walking tour of the place you live. As you gather for a time of prayer, explain that you’ll be moving through each room of your home and praying for the people and activities represented by that room.

Begin in your living room. Pray for the time family members spend together in this room. Ask God to guide conversations that take place here. Ask God to let those who visit in this room be aware of his love. Let any family member pray who wants to pray in this room. Then move on to the next room.

When you arrive at the bedrooms, pray for those who sleep there. Pray in specific ways for each person and for God’s blessing upon those who come into this room each day.

In the kitchen pray for family times together at meals. Ask that these be times of laughter and harmony. Thank God for the gift of food.

Continue through your home, including areas such as the front entry, hallways, and so on. You might even want to include things such as closets, your lawn, garage or parking stall, apartment swimming pool, and other areas as you like. Thank God for his provision of a home, and ask that this home would be a place where people experience and share God’s love.

Close your time together by reading Joshua 24:15b, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Ask God to help everyone in your household serve him no matter what room he or she is in!

If your family enjoys this prayer adventure, plan another time to travel to places where your family members spend time. Get into the car and drive to places like the baby-sitter’s house, each child’s school, workplaces of family members, and so on. At each place park the car for a couple of minutes and pray for the person who spends time there and for the activities that take place in that building.

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