Focus: Gratitude

Before You Begin:

Begin this prayer adventure on the last day of a month. Before you begin, gather a jar, a pen, and 28 to 31 slips of paper (one for each day of your chosen month).

The Prayer Time!

Tell your family, “Let’s practice gratitude one month. We’ll start by brainstorming one thing we can thank God for each day of this next month.” For example, if the month beginning the next day has 30 days, you’ll want to come up with 30 things to thank God for over the next month.

Work together to brainstorm one thing to write on each slip of paper. Also, be sure to include the names of each family member among the slips of paper.

When you have the desired number, fold the paper slips and place them in the jar. On the following morning (the first day of the month), remind everyone you’re practicing gratitude. Ask one family member to reach into the jar and select a slip of paper. Read the word aloud to everyone, then tape the paper in a place where everyone will see it (such as on the milk carton or on the bathroom mirror). For this entire day encourage family members to let their thoughts of thanks to God include what is written on the slip of paper.

The next morning, take down the previous day’s item of thanks and have another family member select a new paper. Repeat this each day of the month until all the slips of paper have been used and God has been thanked repeatedly for each one!

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