Authentic. Relevant. Eternal

Nappaland Literary Agency (NLA) is a boutique author representation company located in Colorado. Publishing industry veteran, Mike Nappa, serves as the Chief Agent for this company.

What We Do at NLA

This agency is a division of Nappaland Communications Inc., a small media company started back in 1995. Nappaland Literary is committed to developing authors whose writing meets the following standards:

• Authentic.

Here at Nappaland Literary, we are uninterested in writing that is not real. We expect our authors to live a lifestyle consistent with what they write about, to deal with issues and situations that ring true, and to write from a position of authority on whatever topic may be addressed.

• Relevant.

We live in America in the 21st century. Some writers and editors long for a return to days gone by…but not us. Books by Nappaland authors must be relevant to modern American culture, to actual readers, and to the multitude of influences and concerns that define our current society.

• Eternal.

In addition to being relevant to today, Nappaland books must be more than passing trends or current fads. Books by Nappaland authors need to address the eternal aspect of life in legitimate, effective ways. A book that neglects this vital element may be publishable, but really, what’s the point of that? Nappaland authors must strive to create works that will last beyond their lifetimes.

If You’re Seeking Representation, Please Read This Section …

Because we are a deliberately smaller agency, Nappaland Literary maintains an author-to-agent ratio that facilitates focused attention on each and every writer who operates under the umbrella of our group. The positive side of that is that each of our authors receive dedicated, personal attention from their agent. The negative side of that is that our author roster is almost always full — meaning it’s very difficult for new authors to join Nappaland unless they come recommended to us by an existing client.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this situation. If we add new agents in the future, we will be sure to update this page to indicate expanded submissions.

For More Information

To learn more about Nappaland Literary Agency, we invite you to explore the rest of this web site.

To contact us regarding availability of an author, a potential freelance assignment for one of our authors or editors, or to send a message to a Nappaland author, please use the Contact page on this site.