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Focus: Reminders to pray for family

Before You Begin:

You’ll need some adhesive bandages, a Sharpie marker, some pebbles, safety pins, friendship bracelets (or yarn, or ribbon).

The Prayer Time!

When your family comes together to pray, talk about how hard it can be to remember to pray for each other during the day. Then explain that you’ve found a fun way of reminding family member to pray for each other.

Each day for the next week, you’ll all be doing or wearing something in common. Whenever you notice these things, it will be a reminder to you to pray for other family members. Here are the reminders for the next week:

  1. Day One: Have each family member put an adhesive bandage on his or her knee (whether it’s needed or not!). Each time you notice the bandage it will remind you to pray.
  2. Day Two: Draw a smiley face on the back of each person’s hand as a reminder to pray.
  3. Day Three: Have family members lace their shoes backwards, so that the bow will be near the toes instead of near the ankles. Those who wear Velcro on their shoes can cross the straps into an X instead of pulling them straight across. Each time a person looks at their feet they’ll remember to pray!
  4. Day Four: Be sure each person has a small pebble to put into his or her pocket today. Feeling the pebble each time you reach into your pocket will bring family members to mind. Pray for them!
  5. Day Five: Ask everyone to wear the same color today (everyone wear green or everyone wear blue, for example). When the color catches your eye, remember to pray for your family.
  6. Day Six: Pin a safety pin to the sleeve of each family member as today’s prayer reminder.
  7. Day Seven: Give each person a “friendship bracelet” to wear for the day. (Or tie a narrow ribbon or length or yarn around each wrist instead.) Each time you notice the bracelet, pray for your family members.

At the end of the week, ask family members how well the little reminders to pray worked. See if you can think of seven more little reminders to use another week!

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