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Focus: Experiencing forgiveness for sin

Before You Begin:

You’ll want to provide blank paper and pens for your family.

The Prayer Time!

Have each person take a sheet of paper and write one or more things they’ve done that they’d like to ask forgiveness for. Younger family members can draw a picture or have another family member help them with the writing. Allow time for family members to write as many things as they want.

If you like, give family members the option of sharing the things they’ve written. If the need for forgiveness involves another family member, now is a good time to ask! For example, if Andrew had colored on the wall in Tenisha’s room, now’s the time for him to say he’s sorry and ask Tenisha to forgive him. Or if Mom had yelled at Sarah, she could take this opportunity to ask forgiveness. However, if family members aren’t comfortable sharing, don’t force them.

Now place a waste basket in the center of the room.

Stand together around the basket and have each person crumple his or her “sin” paper into a ball. Then pray together, asking God for forgiveness for the wrong things that have been done. Encourage any family members who want to pray.

Then take turns “slam-dunking” your paper balls into the trash. When all the paper has made its way into the basket, join hands and thank God for “slam-dunking” the penalty of sin and for providing forgiveness.

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