Focus: Praying to God through worship music

Before You Begin:

It may be helpful to have a couple of hymnals, song books, or Spotify playlists on hand for family members to use as reference.

The Prayer Time!

Have each family member choose a hymn or worship song that expresses a theme about which they’d like to pray.

For example, if someone is thankful that Jesus is his or her best friend, that person might choose “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” A family member wanting to praise God’s glory might choose, “What a Beautiful Name.” Even the youngest family members can participate with songs like, “Jesus Loves Me,” and “My God is So Big.”

Some family members might enjoy the challenge of writing an original song or writing new words to a familiar tune. If so, encourage that creative expression.

When everyone has chosen a song, start with the youngest person and take turns sharing what your song is and why you’ve selected it. Have everyone tell how this song expresses their thoughts, thanks, or praises to or about God.

Then sing each song as a prayer to God!

If any family members play musical instruments, have them accompany you. Or sing along with recorded music. You could also sing your prayers acapella. Finish by singing a family version of “Amen!”

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