Focus: Praying for others (with M&M prompts)

Before You Begin:

You’re going to use M&M’s to help focus your family’s prayers of intercession for others, so you’ll need a big bowl of M&M candies for this prayer. (Feel free to sample the “supplies” ahead of time!)

The Prayer Time!

Pass around a bag or bowl of M&M’s the next time your family is gathered for prayer. Let each person take a handful, but don’t let anyone eat the candies yet. Explain that the color of the candies will indicate the direction of the families’ prayers. Lead your family in prayer using this guide and stopping for prayer after explaining each color.


  • “For every green M&M you chose, pray for your spouse (present or future) or some other significant person in your life.” (This is a great way to get kids thinking about what qualities they want to find in a future mate. Encourage them to pray for this person’s safety, spiritual and physical growth, and so on.)
  • “For every red M&M you chose, pray for a member of your family by name (a parent, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, and so on).”
  • “For every orange M&M you chose, pray for a teacher in your life (a co-worker, a professor, a pastor, a Bible study leader, a child’s school teacher, a mentor, or another teacher).”
  • “For every yellow M&M you chose, pray for one of your neighbors (a neighbor near your home, an office-mate, a person whose desk is near yours at school, or a neighbor close to your church).”
  • “For every dark brown M&M you chose, pray for a leader in your life (a politician, a local businessperson, a celebrity, a member of your church’s staff, the President, or another leader).”
  • “For every light brown M&M you chose, pray for Christians in other countries.”

This might be best used as an after dinner prayer time. Repeat this process as often as you family’s calorie intake allows!

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