Focus: Praying for the world around us

Before You Begin:

You might need a blanket or lawn chairs.

The Prayer Time!

Take your family outside and sit together on your porch, patio, or back yard. If you don’t have an area such as these, go to a local park, spread a blanket or set up some lawn chairs, and sit together.

Tell your family to listen quietly to the sounds around. After three to five minutes of quiet, say, “Now let’s talk to God about the different sounds we hear.”

Then begin with short, sentence prayers as you are guided by the sounds around you. For example,

•Pray for the neighbor children whose voices you hear.

•Thank God for all creation as you listen to crickets chirping.

•As you hear birds singing, thank God for music.

•If you hear the siren of a fire engine, pray for the safety of those who are waiting for help.

Finish by thanking God for each family member, as you’ve heard each other’s voices.

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