Focus: The Lord’s Prayer

Before You Begin:

No prep is required for this one! But don’t forget your Bible.

The Prayer Time!

Read Luke 11:1-4 with your family. Talk about what the words and phrases of The Lord’s Prayer mean. Then have your family members work together to create motions that express the meaning of this gift from Jesus.

For example:

  • Your family might express the word “hallowed” in The Lord’s Prayer by making motions like the washing of hands, as this word means holy or pure.
  • At “lead us not into temptation” you might hold your hands beside your eyes as if they were blinders.

The younger your children are, the more concrete or realistic your actions will need to be. Older children may enjoy creating more abstract actions to express the words and phrases of this prayer.

When you’ve created actions to express the entire prayer, say the prayer aloud together, making the appropriate motions as you pray! As you practice this prayer, you’ll soon be able to use only to motions to express to God (and each other) the holy thoughts in The Lord’s Prayer.

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