Focus: Including God in Summer fun

Before You Begin:

Use this prayer adventure during the hot summer months when everyone wants to be outdoors. You’ll need a watermelon, a knife, and sidewalk chalk.

The Prayer Time!

Draw a large “tic-tac-toe” board on your driveway or other cement surface. In four of the nine squares write the following words:

  • Thanks
  • Praise
  • Forgive
  • Help

Explain to your family members the meaning of each word.

  • “Thanks” is simply thanking God for something he has done.
  • “Praise” is telling God something good about himself, such as “God you are powerful!”
  • “Forgive” means to ask God to forgive you for something you’ve done wrong.
  • “Help” is to ask God for help in some area of your life.

Then have your family members choose other words that can direct a prayer to fill in the remaining five squares. You may want to write the names of family members, friends, teachers, church staff and so on. Or you may choose other words like, vacation, sunshine, the Bible, and so on.

When each square has a word written in it, cut the watermelon and give each person a large slice. Have everyone stand or sit nearby the chalked tic-tac-toe board.

Say, “Spit your seeds onto this tic-tac-toe board. Wherever your seed lands, pray as the words direct. For example, if your seed lands on Praise, tell God something great about himself. If it lands on a person’s name, thank God for that person or pray for God to help that person.”

Let this be a summer-fun time of spitting seeds and praying one-sentence prayers aloud. Keep the prayers and seeds going as long as the watermelon lasts! Then get out the hose and wash the seeds and chalk away.

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