Focus: Prayer for family members

Before You Begin:

Use this creative prayer idea when your family is gathered for a time of prayer together. You’ll need a sheet of paper and pencil for each person.

The Prayer Time!

Have each family member write his or her name and a request for prayer on his or her paper. (Ask older children to help younger ones who are non-readers.) Be sure to emphasize that the prayer requests can be for anything this family member feels is important.

When everyone is ready, stand in a circle and say, “For this creative prayer, do this: Crumple your paper and toss it up in the air so it falls into the center of our circle.”

Wait to see where each paper wad lands. Then have family members pick up the paper nearest to where they are standing. Say, “Pray for the person whose paper you picked up.”

If you like, spend time with each person silently praying over the request they have read, then re-crumple the papers and repeat the activity and time of prayer. Let everyone know it’s okay to pray for the same person twice, or even to pray for your own request.

After doing this several times, have each person save the paper they picked up on the last toss and use it as a reminder to pray for the appropriate family member over the next week.

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