Focus: A quiet time of thanks at sunrise

Before You Begin:

This prayer adventure may be the most difficult one in this entire book–it requires getting up before the sunrise!

If you can entice your whole family out of bed (do we smell bacon sizzling?) before the crack of dawn, include everyone in this time of prayer. Or you may want to use it on a special occasion when two family members are up early for a fishing expedition or when a parent is still up after soothing a sick child through the night.

If all else fails, you could use this idea during a sunset instead.

The Prayer Time!

Here’s what to do:

Find a place where you can see the sunrise clearly. If the view from your windows isn’t good, try a park, scenic overlook, or even your roof (if you’re careful). Then settle down to watch the first rays of dawn peak through the dark.

Each time the sunrise reveals a new color in the sky, thank God for something beautiful.

  • For example, as pink glows in the sky, thank God for the smile of a friend.
  • As the sky turns orange, thank God for the sweet friendship of family members.
  • As yellow shines through, thank God for the beauty of a favorite flower.

Continue in your time of thanks until the sun is shining brightly. Then head to breakfast with a smile of thanksgiving on your face!

Note: Because looking directly into the sun can damage vision, be sure to caution children to look at the sky around the sun—not directly at the sun itself.

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