Focus: The small miracles of life

Before You Begin:

You’ll need a small jar and a handful of pennies for each member of your family.

The Prayer Time!

When your family gathers for creative prayer time, say: “Many times we fail to notice what God is doing around us. We might forget to thank God for an answered prayer, or may simply not pay attention to the small miracles of safety, life and beauty around us. This prayer adventure serves as a way to be sure God gets all the ‘credit.’”

Place an empty jar where it can be easily seen in your home. Then give each family member a handful of pennies. Say, “Each time you see God’s hand at work in answer to a prayer, put a penny in this jar.” Explain that a penny could be placed in the jar when:

  • A prayer is answered.
  • You see a change in a person or situation and know God is working to make that change.
  • You are kept safe in a dangerous situation.
  • Your attitude is one of joy even in a difficult time or situation.

Have family members think of other examples of God being at work when a penny might be put into the jar. Then briefly pray, asking God to help family members be aware of God’s hand throughout the week.

After a week, gather again to see how many pennies have been placed in the jar. Count the pennies, then have each person tell about one or two times he or she put a coin into the jar. Spend a few minutes thanking God for the riches of answered prayer and for reminding your family that God is always at work!

Return the jar to its spot for the upcoming week. After the jar has a good amount of pennies in it, allow your children to choose a way to use the coins to purchase a gift for someone. For example, kids might want to buy one or two flowers for a neighbor, or a can of food for a local soup kitchen.

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