Interested in Writing for NerdFans™ E-Magazine?

If so, then there are a few things you should know:

First, is a non-commercial publication, fully funded by an ongoing grant from Nappaland Inc.

Because this is a free e-magazine for readers, NerdFans pays only a modest fee for content contributions to this website. Typically that’s $20 for news and reviews articles, and $40 for a feature article.

In spite of the low pay, our editors continue to demand the highest quality of writing for all content in our e-magazine. Revisions to your work are sometimes necessary. And a positive, cooperative attitude is a must.

If the above information hasn’t scared you away yet, and you still think you’ve got something worthwhile to contribute to, then we’ll be happy to consider your submission.

Query First, Please

All submissions MUST be queried first. You can send us your pitch through our Contact+ page. Be aware that we’ll automatically delete any full manuscripts that weren’t queried first.

In your query, tell us a little about yourself and give a brief summary of your article and/or product review interest. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if we like your query.

Here’s What Gets Published on

We’re looking primarily for pop culture-focused articles and reviews that are interesting, informative, and promote family discussion.

At NerdFans, we cover anything that’s popular or trending in the US, regardless of the rating or content.

We want parents and kids to talk about pop culture; we don’t want to pretend to be arbiters of what’s “right” or “wrong” in entertainment. Parents are certainly capable of making those kinds of decisions for their themselves and for their own children. Our job is (ahem), to be interesting, informative, and promote family discussion.

With that in mind…

Feature articles should be:

Helpful, entertaining, and focused on providing new insight and information about whatever the topic happens to be.

These articles should not be: didactic, preachy, or boring.

And they should always be able to prompt friendly discussion between parents and kids.

If you want to write product reviews:

Be aware that those are done by assignment only.

So, when you send in your query, you’ll have to include links to sample reviews in your chosen category (Movies, Books, Comics, TV, Music) and then wait for an assignment to submit.

Also, as a non-commercial publication, is unable to pay for any expenses, so you’ll have to acquire your own movie passes, books, comics, etc. in order to review them in this e-magazine.

Still interested in writing for NerdFans?

If so, then you’ve got confidence, and we like that in a writer. If you’ve got the talent to match, then we can’t wait to hear from you. Our Contact+ page awaits you.


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