Focus: Good Friday or Easter

Before You Begin:

No prep is required this time!

The Prayer Time!

On Good Friday or Easter Sunday, have your family squeeze together into the smallest and darkest space your home has to offer. If you can fit, a closet is the best. Or if you family is larger, a dark bathroom will work.

When you’re all together, tell about Jesus’ death on the cross and how he was buried in a dark tomb. (If you want a refresher on the details of the Easter story, read the account given in Mark 15:21-47 before gathering your family.) Explain that just as the tomb was without light, our hearts are without light when Jesus isn’t there. Ask family member to think of things that make our hearts dark and without light. Then pray together that God would remove these things from your lives.

Then remind your family that Jesus conquered death on that first Easter Sunday, and he rose from the dead! (Find the details in Mark 16.) Let the youngest family member open the door and release you all from the dark!

After you’ve untangled yourselves from the cramped darkness, tell about how Jesus returned to life and brought light into our lives. Then spend a few minutes thanking God for sending Jesus, for bringing him back to life, and for giving us life because of his love!

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