Focus: Toddler prayers

Before You Begin:

No prep is required for this one!

The Prayer Time!

Small children will love this finger play that guides them through a time of prayer sing their own “praying hands.” Try it with your whole family, letting the younger children lead!

  • My thumb is smallest it’s plain to see. It’s a reminder to pray for me!
  • My pointing finger shows me where to go. I’ll pray for those who guide me as I grow.
  • My middle finger stands so tall, I’ll thank God because he watches over all.
  • Finger number four is weaker than the rest. Please God, care for those who need your rest.
  • My very last finger is tiny like a child. I’ll pray for other kids across the whole world wide.

As your family recites each line of “Praying Hands” together, and refers to the indicated finger, stop for a moment to pray as directed by the rhyme.

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