Focus: Obstacles to Prayer

Before You Begin:

For this adventure you’ll need a sheet of blank newsprint or wrapping paper that will cover a doorway in your home. (You can use the blank side of gift wrap if necessary.) You’ll also need a marker and tape.

The Prayer Time!

Gather your family for a time of prayer. Read James 5:13-16 together and discuss why God wants us to talk to him.

Then ask, “What things keep you from praying?” As family members share their answers, write these on the large sheet of paper. Share your own reasons as well. Also ask family members what obstacles there are to your family taking time to pray together and write these on the paper.

When everyone has shared and all answers are written, tape the sheet of paper over an open doorway. Then ask your family members to join with you in breaking through these barriers to prayer. (Let younger children break through the paper first.)

When everyone has gone through the doorway, gather together on the other side for a time of prayer. Pray that God will help your family overcome the obstacles they shared so that individually and together you can grow closer to God by communicating with him.

You may also want to take this time to plan a regular time to meet together for prayer. Many families pray together at meals, or before school, or before bedtime. If your family already prays at times like these, we encourage you to continue. But you may also want to set aside a short period of time one day a week, such as fifteen minutes every Sunday night, or the 10 minutes following dinner on Mondays, where everyone can come together to share and pray. You’ll find that many of the adventures in this blog can be used during times such as these.

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