Focus: Adoration of God

Before You Begin:

Gather 26 sheets of paper, and label each page with one letter of the alphabet.

The Prayer Time!

Starting with the page labeled “A,” have your family work together to list all of the things they admire about God that begin with the letter on that page.

For example, on the “A” page, family members might list things like:

  • awesome powers
  • affectionate love, and
  • activity in my life.

The “B” page, might include:

  • beautiful creation,
  • blessings I’ve received, and
  • the Bible that tells me about God.

Once your family has thought of at least one thing to write on each page, bind the 26 pages together for future use, and as a reminder that Jesus deserve our adoration. You could put the pages in a notebook, or simply staple them together. Then use this book as a guide for family prayers. Here’s how:

Open to one of the alphabet pages and begin your family’s prayer by saying, “Lord, You are worthy to be adored. We know because of these things…” and read to God the list for that letter. Let family members take turns choosing a page from the book to pray through. As you and your family pray, explain why the items you listed are things you admire about God.

Keep this notebook in a convenient place. Encourage everyone to add new things they think of that they’d like to give God praise for, and include them in your prayers as well.

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