Focus: Praying for people we don’t know

Before You Begin:

Purchase a map of the world or the country in which you live. Place this map on a bulletin board or other similar surface in your home.

The Prayer Time!

When it’s time for family prayer, give each person a dart and have family members take turns throwing their darts at the map. (Older family members may want to help younger children do this safely. Variations for non-sharp darts are included below as well.)

Encourage family members pray for people who live in the areas that have been “pinpointed” by the darts. For example, if a dart hits Colorado on the map, everyone can pray for the people of this state (us included!). The more detailed your map is, the more specific you can be as to which areas you pray for. Be sure to explain a bit about the area you’re praying for to younger family members who don’t yet have much knowledge of geography.

If you like, have family members do a bit of research about the areas in which the darts stick. Make a trip together to the local library and use encyclopedias, newspapers and periodicals to learn more about the countries, states or cities you’ve pinpointed. Perhaps there’s been war or political unrest, or a natural disaster. Or you may find the area to be enjoying wonderful weather and a low crime rate! Use the information to pray and offer praises more specifically for the people living there.

Variation: If you’re uncomfortable using pointed darts with your children, you may want to try damp suction darts. Or young children may enjoy spinning a globe and letting their finger drag along the surface until the globe stops. Then they can pray for the people in the area where their finger is resting.

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