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Commission Option

For professional authors and literary agents interested in contracting the Premium Promo Package in support of a book's release, Author Echo PR offers an industry-unique, commission-based payment plan with no money due up front.

Here are the details:

The commission payment option is available only for the Premium Promo Package. Once contracted and in force, it applies to any "Covered Work" designated by the Author and/or the Author's Agent, and accepted by Author Echo PR.

Cost for the Premium Promo Package under this arrangement is a 15% commission on Author royalties (including advances) for the lifetime of the Covered Work. This commission is non-negotiable. That's because this arrangement requires Author Echo to provide PR services at a significant loss in the beginning, and to depend on lifetime sales to eventually recoup that loss. The Author (or Author's Agent) is required to write this commission into the book publishing contract. The commission will be paid directly from the publisher to Author Echo PR.

Neither Author nor Agent is obligated for any other payment to Author Echo PR besides the 15% commission on royalty. No money up front, no unattributed "fees," and so on. Author Echo PR is betting on the success of the authors it promotes, and is willing to defer income so that a book itself eventually underwrites the expense of its promotion.

The commission option is only available to Authors and their Agents who are contracting books with a traditional book publisher. Authors who are self-publishing, e-book only publishing, or who are publishing with a print-on-demand (POD) micro-publisher are not eligible for the commission option.

The relationship between the Author and Author Echo PR, or between a Literary Agency and Author Echo PR will be governed by a formal contract between the two parties. The contract is open-ended so as to allow an Author or Agent to pick and choose which books it prefers to be Covered Works under the terms of the contract. However, once a book is designated and accepted as a Covered Work, that status is irrevocable.

Author Echo PR reserves the right to decline to accept any work before it becomes a Covered Work.

The commission-payment contract may be entered into by an entire Literary Agency, thus covering all of that agency's client works, or by a single Agent who represents multiple Authors, or by a single Author for a single work. A literary agency may contract with Author Echo PR before any book is made a Covered Work, allowing that agency to include the promise of a future promotional campaign while pitching its authors' book to a publisher. Author Echo PR will provide appropriate language to use in a book proposal for literary agencies wishing to do that.

Author Echo PR can guarantee that it will perform, to the best of its abilities, all services identified in the Premium Promo Package--but as media coverage is often fickle, it cannot guarantee specific media placement or an aggregate amount of coverage or how media professionals will respond to the promotional campaign that Author Echo PR launches in support of a book.

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